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Lumbago on Mallorca

You have just landed on Majorca and are now waiting for your suitcases. There are 20 kg of luggage arriving. You take the suitcase from the belt with your torso slightly inclined forward. And then it happens. A stabbing pain shoots into your back and makes any further movement agony. Even fetching the towel from the lounger can have a similar effect. Such banal things often cause lumbago during a Majoca holiday, which then tends to stop being a holiday.

Medical Follow-Up Care on Holiday

It can even happen to you. Just before going on holiday, you fall ill. But you are ready for a holiday, now more than ever. Your orthopaedist at home wouldn't strictly object to the holiday, if only a continuing follow-up care could be guaranteed on Majorca. From his or her point of view, it would be of advantage being able to communicate professionally with a colleague on Majorca, in order to be able to continue the started therapy at the holiday destination successfully.

For orthopaedic treatment on Majorca or x-ray diagnosis, please already consider while still being at home: If possible, bring along existing documents (CT and nuclear spin diagnosis, x-rays, etc.) Please remember to note down the contact data of your orthopaedist at home. Leaflet

Chiropractor Dr. Schlüter can save your holiday on Majorca

Orthopaedic treatment is amongst others based on a fast help using spinal manipulation in case of “dislocated” vertebrae causing lumbago-like conditions, stiffness of neck and shoulders and pain in the thoracic spine. The range of treatments includes not only the care of broken bones, the puncture of joint effusions and the care of sports injuries, amongst others using Japanese tape therapy, but also arthrosis prophylaxis, muscle formation and the general evaluation of incorrect weight-bearing of the spine, arms and legs. Arch supports as well as the provision of orthopaedic cures and appliances are available, too. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with hospitals, clinics and practitioners in Germany.

Range of Treatments

  • Spinal Manipulation We have special experience in conservative orthopaedics in order to avoid or bypass operations. Spinal manipulation measures are used to treat conditions of the spine and the joints. In case of tinnitus, dizziness, headache and facial pain or vegetative conditions like palpitations, special procedures  are used in collaboration with internal specialists, neurologists and ENT specialists. Special treatments in case of tennis or golf elbow, conditions of the shoulders, knees and hips as well as stiffness of the shoulders.

  • Sonography Long years of experience in ultrasonographic diagnosis of muscles, tendons, joints and especially infant hips.

  • Pain Therapy Certain individually adjusted infusion and injection procedures are carried out. Separate offices are available for carrying out the procedure and monitoring the patient. On demand, the treatment of every condition can be accompanied by physical therapy measures (“mild medicine”).
    Cartilage building injection treatments in case of aching joints are available.

  • Sports Medicine In particular, acute injuries and chronic conditions are treated. Collaboration with a rehabilitation centre with German sports physiotherapists nearby the practice. According necessary medical appliances for spine and joints (bandages, bodices, tapes, dressings) are prescribed or applied directly in the practic

  • Rehabilitation Of course, we also offer the possibility of physio-therapeutic treatment. In case of  diseases or conditions for the cure of which you can't or don't want to spend time at home, we offer you an individualised treatment. Since we can specially appoint the treatments with you, these won't interfere with your holiday plans.

  • X-Ray Diagnosis If you bring x-ray documents from your physician at home because your general practitioner advised you to have yourself checked by an orthopaedist regularly during your holiday. Or if you had to go to hospital unexpectedly before your holiday on Majorca

  • Traumatology The name is derived from Greek. Traumatology occupies itself with injuries of the musculoskeletal system in a broad sense. Thus, the science of traumatology comprises the areas of injuries and wounds, their origin and therapy.

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Medicine on Mallorca

This can get very important unexpectedly even during your holiday.

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