Parking on Mallorca and in Santanyí

Lowering Your Blood Pressure Without a Doctor

You came to Majorca in your own car or are moving about Palma, Llucmajor or Campos in a hired car. It doesn't really matter where on Majorca you want to park your car, but you should really heed the following pieces of advice when parking: As a doctor, I can promise you that the present fine rates on Majorca, which lie between 90 € and 180 €, will make your blood pressure bounce up.

Please observe when Parking on Mallorca zu beachten:

Never park your car where there is a yellow line at the edge of the road. This line means the same as the "no stopping at any time" indication you know from home.

In case of blue lines, please use the parking meter and place the receipt visibly on your dashboard.

Signs indicating no stopping at any time are very often placed on both sides of narrow streets. Under the signs, the months during which the prohibition is valid on the corresponding side of the street are indicated. On Majorca, the no-stopping-zone in small urban streets usually changes over every three months.

Remember the rear view mirror. The best is to retract it when parking in narrow lanes.

If, in spite of it all, the severe arm of the law should catch you out, a 30% discount is granted if you pay the fine on the spot on Majorca. Still, this rule of the Spanish Traffic Law is not always pointed out to foreign drivers. Please remember it and insist on your rights. You can pay the parking fines on Majorca directly at the local police station (Policía Local) or via bank transfer. The banks are indicated on the rear side of the parking ticket.

There needn't be a garage behind every gate on Majorca. Therefore, you are generally allowed to park in front of entrance gates on Majorca, unless there is a sign on or directly beside the gate indicating otherwise.

changing parking zones

Whether You're on Majorca in a Hired or Your Own Car, please Follow these General Traffic Rules

Speed Limits are of 50 km/h within built-up areas, 90 km/h on single and 100 km/h on dual carriageways, and of 120 km/h on motorways. .

Alcohol The blood alcohol limit is of 0.5 per mill, the breath alcohol limit of 0.25 per mill. For novice and professional drivers, the limits are of 0.3 per mill for blood and 0.15 per mill for breath. The Policia take their job seriously regarding this point.

Something special for motor-cyclists. Who shows a value of above 0.2 per mill has to pay and to count on having to go behind bars. From 0.3 per mill onwards, the pleasure will cost you at least 500 €.

Mobile phone prohibited At the gas station and while driving, using a mobile phone is not allowed. Headsets are also forbidden. You may only use a hands-free set. While filling up gas, you also have to switch off the radio and the lights. Infringement may result in a fine of up to 300 Euros.

Seatbelt Required All occupants must wear seatbelts. Infringement may result in a fine.

Reflective Vests Any car must contain two reflective vests ready-to-hand inside (not in the boot). In case of breakdowns on carriage- and motorways, reflective vests must be worn. Please check the necessary number of vests especially in a hired car.

Roundabout The cars within the roundabout usually have the right of way.

Emergency Phone Numbers You can normally dial these numbers from your German mobile phone without any prefixes when you are connected to a Spanish network. The emergency numbers are valid for the whole of Spain.
directly beside the gate indicating otherwise.

General Emergency Majorca and Spain 112

Fire Brigade: 085

Local Police Mallorca 092

Guardia Civil Mallorca 062

National Police Mallorca 091

Ambulance Mallorca 061

Emergency Service Mallorca 900 666 888

Maritime Salvage Mallorca 900-202202

Red Cross Mallorca 971-202222

Animal Ambulance Mallorca 610-500700

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