Dr. med. Michael E. Rösel of Medical Centre Santanyí

“I went to Dr.  Rösel, a TOP physician. I wish I had such a doctor in Germany. I came with a virus and was very competently treated. In times of EHEC, it is very pleasant to visit such a considerate, well-informed physician. Since our company included small children, Dr. Rösel gave me his mobile phone number and, in addition, even his private number, so that I could call him day and night. Super!”

State-of-the-Art Ultrasonography Machine

The very looks already reveal a lot about the smart machine including a colour doppler. The new ultrasonography machine at the Medical Centre Santanyí is compact and manageable and can easily be transported and used everywhere. Be it in the different rooms of the Santanyí practice, on the real estate, on the Majorcan finca or directly on the boat and at the holiday hotel. There is no limit to mobility.

Because of the minimum weight and the reduced size, the ultrasonography machine is absolutely agile and flexibly usable. The absolutely latest technology allows an even more precise diagnosis on the spot, which very often leads to a direct medical all-clear and may thus calm down the worried patient.

In the field of medial prevention, the ultrasonography machine also offers all the medically necessary possibilities of examination, including the evaluation of the thyroid gland and the present risk of arteriosclerosis by measuring the intima-media-thickness.

In case of injuries of holiday-makers on Majorca, the diagnosed data and parameters can be sent directly online to your attending physician at home, so that your general practitioner can easily carry out the follow-up care and the further treatment in your home country based on all the data of the first diagnosis on Majorca.

Interview with Michael E. Rösel MD concerning the new ultrasonography machine in Santanyí (in German language)

The practice has a small operating theatre at its disposal, where possible ambulant operations can be carried out on the spot. Of course, the follow-up care after an operation can also be carried out in our practice rooms in Santanyí.

Children may suddenly fall ill during the holidays on Majorca, too

Especially for children, the holidays are the most exciting time of the year. Playing, romping and boisterously fooling around in the water for a week or even three. And all this under the Majorcan sun. During the holiday on Majorca, it may happen that children get injured playing on land or in the Mediterranean Sea. This often comes as a shock to the parents. But it is good to know that a physician is immediately at your disposal on Majorca. A visit to a medical specialist on Majorca will calm you and your family swiftly down and leave you without any doubts.

Minor or mayor pain during the holiday on Majorca are a heavy burden not only for children. If you notice something uncommon in your children or suddenly feel unwell yourself, don't hesitate too long.

See a German doctor on Majorca as early as you can.

House Calls – Hotel Calls

 Finca Calls – Boat Calls

Whether you bring a protracted illness to your holiday on Majorca or suddenly fall ill here, the German Specialists Centre for Family Medicine will help you to be able to enjoy your holiday here on Majorca without any troubles. During the main season, a lot of boats and ships go to Majorca, the Island of Harbours and Bays. Whether you are on the Mediterranean Sea or at a Majorcan harbour, if you need an emergency doctor on your boat, Dr. med. Michael E. Rösel  of the Medical Centre Santanyí will be at your disposal in an emergency, even at harbour and at sea.

Emergency Doctor on Majorca

Since he worked as an emergency doctor in Germany for years, Dr. med. Rösel of Santanyí knows what immediate measures are to be taken on the spot. In order to reach his emergency patients fast and not to be delayed by congesting tourist traffic during the main season, Dr. Rösel reaches the patient quicker on motorbike. For patients on Majorca and ill holiday-makers, it comes as a relief that the general practitioner can be called for immediate help around the clock.

Medical Examinations for Divers

All respectable diving bases on Majorca demand such a certificate if you intend to do diving on the largest of the Balearic Islands. It wouldn't be the first time that diving tourists land on Majorca and realise that their diving certificate has expired or been left at home accidentally. In such cases, the Medical Centre Santanyí can help you immediately.

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